Wednesday, March 2, 2011

World's most inconsistent blogger

It's true. I am the world's most inconsistent blogger. But while I prepare some more substantial postings I can at least give you a brief accounting of why I have been so MIA and perhaps a hint of some things to come.

Last we blogged I was finishing a two-part series on the ICC indictments for the 2008 electoral violence in Kenya. While completing the second post I got caught up in the nightmare of this holiday’s European storm, stuck in Uganda, re-routed and held in Egypt, questioned by Israeli Mossad, flown to Israel, and then finally on to the states (a story for another time).

I then spent 2 weeks at home with family (unfortunately some of that time taken up by mourning the loss of the last candidate I worked for), returned to Kenya, started up a new semester, and was promptly called out to help with the Ugandan elections. I spent the better part of a month traveling back and forth between parts of Uganda and Kenya, keeping up with classwork, and my actual job in the meantime.

So I am now back and recovering from the madness and trying to organize myself for the rest of the semester. I promise some posts soon on the Ugandan election, comments on the recent Sudanese election, updates on what’s going on in Kenya, as well as a post on this weekend’s Rotary sunshine rally for disabled children in the area.

*The picture is a wall of election posters in Kampala