Saturday, August 2, 2008

Let the games begin

So it is now official. My ticket is purchased and the dates are solidified. I have two more weekends left in DC between now and October 14. I am extremely excited for my travel but am definitely overwhelmed with how much I have to do in my short time left. So here's the schedule:
  • August 8 to Indianapolis for my wonderful mother's 60th birthday
  • August 21-29 to Denver for the Democratic National Convention
  • September 8-October 1 to Uganda for work
  • October 2-11 to Tunisia to visit Margaret and Tanner
  • October 11-13 London to visit Gen
  • October 14 back in DC
Quite a bit coming up. I am really trying to fit in as much training and rehabbing as I can to make sure all of my recent gains aren't lost. I have finally started biking a limited amount again and am hoping to get back to running soon (better have a darn good tri season next year!) Once in Uganda I will most likely not have access to a pool and will certainly not be able to bike. I also will have close to 6 weeks without my usual twice a week physical therapy sessions. Considering it all, it makes me slightly apprehensive but all I can do is hope my body bears with me.

The trip seems to be shaping up nicely though. In Uganda I'm really looking forward to working with my country director Heather again and see our team in action. We have quite a busy September full of community organization trainings and party caucus meetings. I will also be there during Rosh Hashana and am going to try to head east to celebrate with the Abayudaya jews. For Yom Kippur I should be in Tunisia and will try to head south for services with the historic Jewish community down in Djerba. All in all it should be quite an adventure.

In Denver I'll be helping out with our International Leaders Forum at the convention. In other words trying to give a few hundred foreign dignitaries a sense of our electoral system... frightening. But it should be a good time and I definitely appreciate the chance to head to the convention again. I suppose that's it for now. I'll try to update as it all goes down.

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