Monday, September 8, 2008

It's a wrap

I woke up earlier than I’d liked to have on Friday morning because we had to check out of the dorms by 10am. Unfortunately our flight was not until 4pm so my friend and I wanted to head out for a leisurely breakfast or hang out in town. Our operations team however hadn’t really thought through our transport so we were, to put it lightly, screwed over. With no one to watch our luggage, no way to the airport unless we left at 8am for the city to catch a shuttle, we called a cab and headed to the airport at 10:30. We spent the rest of the day hanging out in the not so exciting Denver International Airport. Closer to our flight time I ran into two of my colleagues, an incredibly nice and funny Irish couple who were unfortunately leaving us to move back home.

While I sat and caught up with them we were briefly interrupted when the wife noticed a friend of theirs walking by the gate. She called him over and then told me that he was Tom, a good friend from the DNC. I said Tom? As in Dean’s Tom? She said yes….I said, as in campaign legend Tom? She said yes….I said, as in executive director of the DNC Tom….again, yes. As he approached they introduced me and told him that since they were moving he would have to adopt and take care of me. He pulled me over to his side and said of course. I told him that if put on an Irish accent it would go a long way in making me feel at home…he asked if New Jersey would do.

Throughout the flight he would pass by and joke around with me. Palin had just been announced as McCain’s VP pick and I was watching CNN coverage while on the plane. It was a little surreal to discuss the Republican’s strategy with someone sure to be involved in the Democratic response and quite an appropriate book end to the insane political week.

We got in at around 10:30 at night and I promptly passed out...I am still recovering from the marathon week but better do it quickly. Next adventure up: Uganda!

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