Sunday, October 31, 2010

Insert clever quip about finding a house here

Just a quick note and update to everyone, to keep up with my pledge of better blogging. This was my first weekend in a long time both in Nairobi and not sick. My excitement was made even greater by the fact that I finally found a new place to live and moved in today! I came across a great group house, currently occupied by 2 Americans and a Brit in a beautiful, quiet, and safe area of Nairobi. It has huge yard, a garden, and 2 cute 'lil pups that come with. I also benefit from someone cooking and cleaning and doing laundry 6-days a week. Oh, and internet! Pretty darn swank.

Anyway, I spent the day moving my stuff for the 6th time this year and making my final negotiations for the 'mad-men' couch I had made about a month ago. I am now sitting in my new chair avoiding typing yet another term paper. Last night was Halloween Nairobi style, which consisted of costumed, drunk adults, and believe it or not, some cross dressing men, in 100% Indian garb. Very interesting. More interesting than my paper at least!

This week is bound to be pretty insane since I'm contracting with my old organization to help write a very big proposal for a political party program and trying to prepare for 2 school presentations and 2 papers! Then off to Uganda on Friday for my former bosses' kid's 4th birthday party and some R&R.

Cheers to everyone wherever you may be!

P.S. The picture is of Kenya's version of changing leaves (Jacaranda Tree)


JUST ME said...

Rose! It's Jess DiG from Wheaton. I don't want to give my last name on the world wide web you you know me...Wheatones...

ANYWAY. I blog too.

Your life seems super interesting. I will be reading often. :) MISS YOU!

Steve Finnell said...

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